Group Energy Healing : Testimonials



Such powerful and graceful energy. A very moving experience which I highly recommend for all to experience. Thank you so much Tony.

…. Elaine



Thank you for the wonderful healing session last Friday Tony. So much divine energy flowing through me. Felt very blissful during and after for quite a while. My shoulder feels really good

…. Vicki




My experience was wonderful; I felt strong loving energy coming from the conduit Tony. When Tony touched my hand I felt almost instant release, very powerful great healing of deep rooted emotional traumas. When Tony put the crystal in my hand I had another release.


A very gentle relaxing meditative music throughout, when we were brought out of the mediation I was tingling all over. It was perfect for me for healing and releasing blocks, I can move forward now

…. Michelle




“Thank you so much for the session on the Friday night in February, I’m at a loss as to whether I loved it or I am not sure, it was very different, my husband was also the same. I couldn’t say I loved it but also could really say anything it was so very different. Different meaning to me it being undefinable and it certainly is undefinable.

My previous session with you in December was somewhat similar I think you ended up doing extra for me by memory as I had a huge reaction.
As we walked away that night both of us felt like we had been hit by a bat at the base of our skulls, even 2 days later. I believe it was that fact that a lot of processing on connection and physical realm perhaps, I have no idea. The time you put our hands together my husband was thinking that he had to hold my hand and that was big.

I’d say we will be back especially out of curiosity and intrigue, we definitely felt the energy but what we experienced is out of my realm of finding a word or words. I also saw Mother Mary that day during the session.
So this is for you as feedback, we will be back.”

…. Diane




“Going to my first healing session I didn’t know what to expect. But as soon as I met Tony I felt peaceful. During the session I felt my mind slip into a new “space” the message I kept getting was “its time to let go” which with Tony’s help I could feel the energy changing. I couldn’t stop smiling and giggling.”

…. Claire




“Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. At first I felt a strong electric current coming from top of my head, I then realized it was from your hands during your healing. Extremely powerful..!!! Although my emotions were surfacing. I felt peaceful and safe, I also even felt myself breathing in gasps of air and feeling the shift and unblocking. It was indeed a wonderful experience which I carried home, feeling of peace and inner tranquility.

Once again I thank you with heartfelt Gratitude…and look forward to more energy healing ..God Bless.”

…. Silvia




“I had been feeling huge resistance prior to the session to changes happening in my life, like there was a battle going on inside my head and I was not in my heart at all. I feel a whole lot better since the healing yesterday and I’ve popped back into my heart space. My head was slightly aching but even that is better than how I felt before. I’m feeling heaps better today”

…. Amber




“It was mind-blowing to be part of Tony’s Group Spiritual Healing when I was not physically present there in Perth, but from Malaysia! Woah!!!!! I actually had the same effects as per my personal sessions with Tony here in Malaysia.  It started with a tingling sensation on my right ear.  I then lay down on my side with curled up legs and had the rush of electricity running through my whole body, especially my back. The whole time I think I was in a deep meditation sleep, which lasted about an hour. Afterwards, I felt good and light, though tired and drained out as well.  I always connect with the energy almost immediately whenever Tony works on me, whether he is physically in my presence or not.  You’re a gifted healer Tony! Thank you for being you”
…. Anonymous from Malaysia
Note from Tony : The client participated in the Group Healing session via distance, setting the intention to connect in, while I channel it thru




“I had been having an upset tummy for the last couple of weeks so it was interesting that energy was directed to that area (and I didn’t tell you till after session). Even after you left I could still feel the energy still working through. I thought you were still working on me until I heard you across the room. I found the energy moved to my chest and stayed there all day today, will be interesting to see if some sort of release happens. I got a few body twitches, heat and lil sharp pains around third eye and base of head. Slept really well, I know I was dreaming a lot but not sure what? Otherwise fine today”
…. Nikki




“Just wanted to share a little bit of my experience of the spiritual healing I received from you on Friday night. Firstly thank you so much it was such a wonderful & peaceful experience.

When you first placed your hands on me I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and love. As you continued to work on me it was almost as though parts of my body lifted up out of my body (if that makes any sense at all, it was a bit of an unexplainable feeling) specifically my legs and my hands. My hands felt like they were glowing orbs of white light and like they had expanded in some way it was incredible. At other times as you were working on others near me I could feel heat radiating out from you and at one point it felt like you flicked your hands out over the person next to me and I felt these massive surges through my whole body as you did this, and I could see bolts of colored light rushing towards me.

Then when you had the message for me (post session) that everything was going to be ok and that I should just keep letting go of my fear, I was just blown away, as I told you on the night (after you had already given me the message not before) I had come with the intention of clearing & letting go of all the fear in my life. I have actually recently separated from my husband so receiving the message that everything is going to be ok and that I should just keep letting go was just so beautiful.

I had also been suffering with a mild UTI (bladder infection) for a few days prior to Friday night and i was actually worried about laying down for an hour and a half without having to go to the toilet but all the discomfort seemed to disappear, admittedly I had taken 2 days worth of antibiotics before Friday but usually I would need more than 2 days of medication to get rid of it (I suffer with UTI’s regularly), but after the healing I felt like it was gone so didn’t take any more medication and it hasn’t returned (yay!).


After the healing I had a sense of deep peace, I felt very centred and very clear. I literally felt open and clear all throughout my chest and around my heart where there had been so much pain before. I also felt a little bit shaky for a few hours afterwards like I could feel something vibrating through my cells, it wasn’t uncomfortable just an odd sensation. It was just a truly incredible experience. Thank you so much. ”
…. Chelsea




“Thank you for inviting me to your healing session. It was a fabulous experience.


The energies you harnessed were quite spectacular. I could feel the movement of energies as you worked in the room and also with me as an individual. I could feel my blocks being challenged and released with each pass. The impressions I got through the session were also very powerful and delivered in ways I could understand. I look forward to the further openings I know this session has enabled.”
…. Natalie Blank, Psychic Reader and Healer




“I’m feeling so blessed to have been part of Inner Alignment group healing. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before!!! So powerful. Thank you Tony.”

…. Rachel Davies Burrows


Hypnotherapy / Energy Healing : Testimonials




“I wish to thank you for the healing sessions I had with you.


I have certainly become stronger mentally and have found a peace inside me that I have struggled with for a long time. You have taught me how to find my inner peace and also to speak up when I need to.


I will remember your gentleness and soothing manner as this makes me feel safe and content. Thanking you again and I am now a convert with meditation. I have recommended you to quite a few of my family and friends.”

…. Susan




“The Tony I met years ago and the same Tony I know today are “nearly” 2 different individuals. You may ask why I use the word “nearly”. That’s because the “Accountant” and “Corporate person” in him still comes out occasionally. 🙂


Tony would have been the last person I would expect to be a healer. Believe me when I say the last! 🙂


But Tony has changed and he has embraced his gift, the gift of healing.


My experience with spirituality only began few years ago, and that too just touching the tip. I have no gift, but just a feeling that I am connected to something out there.I had my first healing session with Tony back in August 2014. Both he and I did not know where it would lead to. But, oh boy it DID go somewhere! I remember the day so clearly. I was sitting on a backless stool. Within minutes I felt something and then fell backwards in a deep meditating state. I then raised my legs and hands to flat body level and was receiving “energy” or “electricity” coming into my body through the palm of my hands and the sole of my feet. I kept feeling that I was elevated higher and higher, seeing bright white light. It was so so bright! This went on for about 15 minutes I think. Once I came “back” I felt amazed and shocked that I connected to something. It felt as if I was with God.


Since then, I have had quite a few sessions with Tony experiencing the white light, coloured light, words from my late dad and even once words from Jesus! Truly amazing.


Tony is truly gifted. I would recommend him to anyone out there. Seek him out for your opening to another dimension.

…. Anonymous, Malaysia




“Absolutely amazing huge results changed my life!!!”

…. Chantel




“I feel super superb, full of energy and ready to take on the world. Thanks for taking the time and care to get to the source of my issue. You are a talented Hypnotherapist and this coupled with your knowledge and use of NLP makes for a wonderful experience and enhanced results. Your desire to help shines through and I highly recommend you”

…. Helen Hart




“I was really impressed with Tony. Especially how at ease and comfortable he made me feel. He has a beautiful energy and I warmed to him straight away. I even went back to him a couple of times with help for other life challenges. Very knowledgeable, approachable and in my opinion, a damn good hypnotist. Thank you Tony.”

…. Sally




“Tony, you hypnotized me at SolarisCare a couple of weeks ago. Just giving you feed back, that within that time, I have met a man (that’s not an idiot), and after 8 yrs of separation, received divorce papers, now on the road to settlement. I am certain these 2 things would not have aligned at the same time without the hypnosis. I am at peace with the process, something I know I would not have achieved otherwise.”

…. Amanda H




Hey Tony, thought you may like an update on my progress. Not a single puff, nor will I ever again. Please use this as a testimonial of how much I believe in and appreciate your method and efforts. Quit and lost 23kgs so far, power walking 11kms every day and loving the outdoors.


I cannot bear the smell of cigarette smoke, actually makes my stomach turn! Feel free to use my photo and this conversation for any clients who may be struggling as I did in the beginning. I’m proud of our joint effort in getting me to here, happy, confident and saying yes to life.


PS the weight loss is a side effect, the main effect of the walking has been a very healthy mind, heart and soul















…. Adele


Note from Tony : Adele’s allowed me to use her story and pic if it helps inspire others. She came to me for Clinical Hypnotherapy to help her Quit Smoking. Her first cigarette at age 10. A packet a week at age 12. Smoking at home by age 14. The better part of a packet a day from her early thirties.


At her very first session, she walked out completely smoke free and was that way for a few months till she faced an obstacle in life & unfortunately she went back to smoking a pack a day. Then we realised there were more deeper layers that needed addressing which was done via subsequent sessions. The final session focused just on the habit, which by then was no longer pegged to underlying issues. This is her feedback 8 months later ;




“Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow is three months cigarette free .. feeling great, thanks””

…. Adele




“I did not stop smoking by myself. That’s my belief”

…. Patrick




“I had never encountered or tried hypnotherapy before I met Tony. I was very skeptical yet I wanted to give it a go. Tony was patient, gave me peace of mind and I found him to be a helpful and calm therapist”

…. Chloe




“I feel fine. I feel good, I left bad things behind. I’m a changed person”

…. Rosalind