Presentation : Finding Your Inner Radiance

Finding Your Inner Radiance



1st time ever in Malaysia !!


8th January 2017 : 1pm to 4pm

Sri Ttdi Condominium

Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

(Exact address given upon registration)

Consider your life, your reality, where ;

  • Your thoughts and actions are derived purely within from a place of unconditional love as opposed to that of from a place of fear and related emotions
  • You are able to stand within your own power and be comfortable with speaking your truth, without fear or favour
  • You can recognize your own self worth and own it
  • You are able to truly appreciate and value yourself within the uniqueness of your “imperfections”
  • You have discovered your “Inner Radiance” and are able to live life in the bliss of peace and joy and even more, doing so within the midst of chaos around you
  • Consequently you instead have now become the beacon for others and the very radiance of your light positively influences those who come in contact with you

The road to this ever evolving and is never easy. It’s said “Rome was not built in a day”. To that respect, I invite you to let me share my knowledge and experience with regards your striving towards this outcome.

This is a 3 hour talk titled “Finding Your Inner Radiance” presented by me, Tony Ratnam from Perth, Australia. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and an Intuitive Energy Healing Facilitator.

What is being presented is a culmination of my own life changing experiences and the work I do with my clients in setting the stage for them to become the best possible versions of themselves. My work with clients in this respect, incorporates therapies such as Cognitive/ Mindset Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP etc.

The product of the above is a set of theories, principles, paradigms, schools of thoughts, mindset and lifestyle shifts that I will present to you which could initiate you to set the stage within yourself to “Find Your Inner Radiance” or even fine tune your existing journey there.

Know that this is just the start, the beginning of an ever evolving journey and what I present during this talk could be the spark that will ignite you and / or present you with alternative insights.

More about the talk ;


  • Sets the stage for you to potentially discover an insight into your own journey and potentially present you with paradigm shifts
  • Presents you with mindset and lifestyle schools of thoughts and tools which you may apply within yourself and how you interact with the world around you
  • It will incorporate some demos and group participation to further enhance your experience and learnings. This by itself can end up being a therapeutical experience for some.
  • You’re likely to walk away that much more enlightened, starting the journey of becoming the best possible versions of yourself.


~~~ You do not need “fixing”, for you are “perfect” within your “imperfections”. All you may require is an awareness, a recognition, a rediscovery of the beauty and power of you within …. and once you achieve that, you will recalibrate, grow and become new and improved versions of yourselves.

Know too, that the journey and the learning never ends. ~~~




Proudly facilitated in conjunction with The 5D Journey, Malaysia.


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Presentation : Finding Your Inner Radiance

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