Light Language

“Light Language is an expression of the higher-frequency information of Love”
 …… Jamye Price


Light Language is said to be the galactic language of love and light. Light Language can also be said to be a form of sound healing and there are many variations of Light Language. In some cultures, its described as speaking in tongues.

Light Language consists of dynamic sound and light encodements that interact with one’s energy field. For those who hear Light Language, it carries through encodements for frequency healing and activating one’s DNA. It has the ability to reprogram (at a deeper level) our thoughts, emotions, physical health and naturally, it is used for healing purposes and in aligning one’s energy makeup.

Each time one interacts with a Light Language transmission, it affects them  differently according to their current needs. Hence then, one’s experience with it may be different each time and the same may be said for one person to the next. The sounds delivered at the same time may be perceived differently by persons in the same audience. Essentially, each one will receive what they need to receive at that point in time.



“Much of the clarity of Light Language is within the trust of the unknown; this trust heals mental barriers by dissolving heart barriers “
 …… Jamye Price




Tony and Light Language


Born into a Roman Catholic family and having grown up in that environment, Tony’s first encounter with Light Language was sometime in 1997 at a Church organised “Life In The Spirit Seminar” where he was gifted with the ability to “speak in tongues”. Later he found it come automatically whenever he said the Rosary aloud. But with a lot of things, when one does not use it, one loses it, as was the case with Tony.

He rediscovered Light Language but in different variations when he underwent an ascension program which incorporated shifts in his consciousness allowing him to “ascend” into higher levels of awareness. The Light Language that comes through him now has evolved over time since and no doubt will continue to evolve as he continues along his soul path.

They say timing is everything and perhaps so for Tony, while he was perhaps not ready for this gift in 1997, he was already well into his journey as an Energy Facilitator during this rediscovery and the gift of Light Language now further enhances and enables the Energy Healing & Alignment sessions he conducts to greater levels of outcomes for his clients.