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Tony Ratnam

DSCN1809bI practice Intuitive Energy Healing Facilitation, which balances, aligns and optimizes one’s energy fields multi-dimensionally and prepares one to connect further to their divinity.

The Energy that I work with by its very nature and makeup consists of elements of healing , however I do not regard myself as the healer (as is the traditional concept), but I am a Facilitator of the Divine and Universal energy which is channeled through me based on my connection with my Higher Self / I Am Presence and unison with my Spiritual Guides and The Ascended Masters.

I work intuitively, with the energy work that I do being guided by my Higher Self and the Divine. I work with specific Energy Frequencies, Light Language  and this is delivered in the form of hands-on and/or hand-off healing work  (one-on-one or on a Group Session basis) and via Distance Healing as well.

I tend not to use aids like crystals, essential oils and the likes, as I rely solely on the purity and intelligence of the energies that I channel through to direct what’s necessary.


Session Outcomes

The Energy delivers and engages at any or all of the levels of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritually Bodies. One may except the following outcomes ;

  • Shifts and releases with regards emotional issues, blockages, life issues and / or changes in thinking patterns and cognitive behaviour
  • A deeper connection with the Divine, Higher Self & potentially shifting or raising one’s vibrational levels
  • Addressing of physical ailments, issues, pain

The participants will typically receive what they need to get & also dependent on where they are at with regards their energy vibrational levels, how receptive their body is to energy work and their spiritual journey.

The nature of the healing energy is such that it can be quite a powerful effect for some while being gentle on others. One can also expect to experience sensations, cleansing / clearing post session. In certain cases existing issues can get worse post session before improvement is seen.

Clients have reported experiencing a wide range of effects. From an awesome “big wow” effect, seeing flashes of light or colors, feeling heat/cold, tingly energetic sensations, drifting out of consciousness, an out of body experience, feeling just nice, feeling a sense of release & peace, stillness within, visions & messages, visitations from persons since passed, or down to very subtle sensations of energy

Quite often too, as a residual impact of the energy work, I may be guided to impart onto participants, intuitive messages channelled thru which are relevant for them in their current situation.


The Energy

The core of my energy work  are based on energies that are channeled through me, which can be said to be ancient, going back to and originating from my past life connections during biblical times and also well before that. These multidimensional frequencies that I work with and which I am custodian of, are innate to my Soul purpose and are designed to function optimally for the newly emerging Human Energy System in 2015 through to 2016 and onwards. These Energy Frequencies can be said to be the “fuel” to igniting the new Human Energy  System and to enable recipients to experience higher vibrations, consciousness into the next levels and dimensions.

These Energy Frequencies are now being used in ways its never been used before. Its purpose is to “potentiate” : i.e., to facilitate the upgrading and expanded potential of the “new human” consciousness and to help them reach levels they’ve not gone to before, hence, essentially transforming them to newer and improved versions of themselves.

For this reason, I’ve decided to term the work I do as “Energy Alignment”, sometimes referring to is as “Energy Healing”….  typically aligning one’s energy field and consciousness to new levels described above and I’ve consequently decided to shy away from the term “Healer”, as I am not the healer ! My role is akin to that of an energy Gatekeeper. A role which allows and channels the flow of the energy frequencies towards potentiating the growth of the recipient in line with their divine purpose.

While I have been gifted with Light Language and trained in a few healing modalities, namely Spiritual SurgeryPranic Healing (Level 3) and certain high multidimensional energy frequencies, these can be said to be representations or levels of energy frequencies emanating ultimately from Source or otherwise known as the Collective Energy.

Such will be the case with most ethical Energy Workers (whether they choose to admit it or not), however the levels of energies or frequencies that are tapped into by Energy Workers, will depend on how much the Practitioner has opened up to their own gifts, the level of their own energy frequency or vibrations, their degree of conscious and spiritual connections with their own Soul or Higher Self and to the Source energy.

Each Practitioner based on their gifts plays a part in bringing in an aspect(s) of the Source energy to the earthy realm and in line with their Soul purpose. This can evolve further as time progresses.

In saying the above, the predominant aspects of the energies that I engage with at this time are that which are innate to my soul purpose and Light Language. The other modalities I am trained in are ever present and applied as and when I am divinely guided to do so.

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Session Format 

Sessions formats are based on what is seen as required for the client and based on the intuitive guidance I receive. However as a guide, a typical session can entail the following ;

  • Checking the speed and health of the etheric field. Clearing, cleansing and strengthening of the same, removing blocks, negative energy
  • Opening / Optimizing one’s Alpha (connection to Soul) and Omega (connection to Earth) Chakras
  • Optimizing and balancing all the main Chakras, not only at the 3rd and 4th dimensions but multidimensional. Imbalances, blockages and congestion in the chakras here usually correlated to issues / symptoms indicated by the client
  • Optimizing and balancing Feeder Chakras
  • Aligning main chakras for Self Love
  • Working with / aligning one’s Assemblage Point (epi-center of the energy field)
  • Moving the energy around and into the entire body
  • Working on other specific areas of the body that require specific attention

However what is of more significance within the session is not the techniques applied but the purity of the energy that flows through which in essence will provide the client with what they need at that point in time.


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We at Inner Alignment, Perth do not, nor are we qualified to diagnose ailments, conditions  or medical issues. While recipients we have worked with have indeed received benefits, we do not claim these modalities to be a definitive cure for  ailments, conditions etc. of individuals. These modalities are intended to serve as complimentary to whatever treatment or care one is currently receiving or undergoing.

Regardless of the outcome of these sessions or benefits received, we highly recommend that any decision to alter existing treatment, care or medication be done only upon due consultation with a medical professional/ related therapeutical consultants.

One important consideration here is that, with the nature of the natural order of healing, whatever ailments, conditions, etc. that the individual suffers from, may & can in fact be aggravated and get worse before any improvement is seen.

Energy Healing works, regardless of one’s religious inclination or internal belief systems. The only perquisite  we suggest for prospective clients is to come with an open mind and bring with them, the want and desire to receive healing and to get better!


Session Rates

  • Mini (condensed) sessions (between 20 to 30 mins)
    • $50 @ session
  •  Standard full session (up to 1 hour)
    • $120 @ session
  •  Extended sessions (1 to 1.5 hours)
    • $160 @ session



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