About Tony Ratnam

Tony Ratnam - Inner AlingmentInner Alignment specializing in Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Meditation & Personal Fitness was founded and is run by Tony Ratnam  based in Queens Park, Perth, Western Australia as well as other centres throughout the Perth region.

A person of many talents and skills, Tony is a trained Energy Healing Facilitator, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.  He is also a Meditation Facilitator, as well as a certified Personal & Fitness Trainer.

He is member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT), and holds memberships with the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association,  Pranic Healers Association of WA as well as the Australian Board of NLP (ABNLP) and possesses the necessary legal clearances on Working with Children and that from the National Police.

In his therapy sessions, Tony applies a blend of Energy Healing, NLP, TimeLine Therapy, Hypnosis as well as Mesmerism and Fascination.  The latter two can be considered to be aspects of “old school” hypnosis. These are arts and skills than can be said to have been forgotten in modern times and not commonly practised.

Tony has a deep passion and big heart for helping others and this has been a major driver in him finding his main purpose in life and  in setting up Inner Alignment.

Having his early professional training in Finance & Accounting (a “BeanCounter”) as he fondly termed himself) and sporting a Masters in Business Administration, for most of his career, Tony worked in the corporate world, covering the fields of Finance, Accounting, Audit, Administration and Coaching. Being an extremely versatile and multi skilled person, he also held managerial positions in Human Resource, Operations and Business Development.

Creativeness, High Energy, Drive & Passion were some of the good qualities Tony possessed, but they also brought out the worst in him. Though being a kind and bighearted person, he was also a strong willed & strong minded person.  This led to then perceptions of him being inflexible and generally difficult to deal with.

Often finding himself caught within internal conflicts and not being truly happy wherever he was, he wondered why his behaviour and life were often on two extreme ends of the scale, finding it hard to reach middle ground.

His real journey to self realization and discovery started in around 1995 with a major paradigm shift, a rude shock to him when he realised that not everyone actually saw things the way he did. Sadly at that time, even with the best of intentions,  and as naive it as it may sound, he was just unable to see it otherwise.

We are usually our own greatest critics and Tony often beat himself up a great deal for his perceived shortcomings which further compounded his issue. He later realised that he was not alone in this, and found that a lot of people were “guilty” of the same.

That journey continued on with more breakthroughs over time in self realization & self development and eventually years later he discovered that the person & personality he had displayed himself to be was actually not the true him.

The true him, or his true personality was in fact, closely linked to that of the happy, kind, obliging & ever smiling young Tony aged 7 to 10 years whose personality got inadvertently transformed otherwise through the vigors of growing up, peer influences, social inferences, adulthood  and the rat race.

Though still on that journey and having  experienced significant shifts and changes, today, he can be said to be a vastly different person from what he was. In the course of rediscovery, came the usual questions of “Who am I”, “What is my purpose” ?. One thing led to another and his purpose in life became clearer to him.

Hence began his awakening to his true passion and purpose in life. He started up-skilling himself professionally in these areas and took the “scary” step of leaving his “9-5” job to become what he is today.

Oddly enough, for a long long time he has had this deep yearning, call it desire or vision, to be able to reach out and heal someone  by just touching them.  He now realises that he could do just that now. He could now make a difference in someone’s  life and “heal” them.

The birth of Inner Alignment, Perth hence dawned and with his training & skill sets in NLP, Hypnosis, Energy Healing, Meditation, Fitness and that through experiences gained on his personal journey of change, Tony applies a holistic approach that caters towards the overall wellness & life improvement of the individual ; Mind, Body & Spirit.