Regeneration Healing Workshops


Regeneration Healing Workshop : Discover and Expand Your Healing Capabilities


1st time ever in Malaysia !!


15th January 2017 : 1pm to 5pm


Sri Ttdi Condominium

Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

(Exact address given upon registration)


The Regeneration Healing Workshop is based on the amazing work of Ken Graydon and his lovely wife Ann Graydon of Perth, Western Australia. Their work resulted in the Regeneration Healing Handbook which this workshop is based on.

The workshop takes the premise that everyone of us possesses an aspect of Divine spark within us and through that, the innate ability to SELF HEAL and DIRECT HEALING to others. The workshop addresses the intentions of participants to learn more and expand their healing capabilities. Its an approx 4 hour event to give a solid grounding in the basis, theory and practice of Regeneration Healing so that participants really know how to use the Handbook in a whole range of healing situations and expect great results.

The workshop will guide you through the amazing and effective processes of Healing Intentions, which include cell and organ regeneration, enable you to attain healing that allows you to enjoy the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual standard that you and the Creator had planned for you to have now.

These healing outcomes can include ‘whole of life’ events such as relationships, abundance and negative ‘family constellation’ events.

There are some simple things that 55 plus years of study, experience and learning from great teachers have revealed, that will enable us – you and me – working together, to have you in the flow of healing.

It is part of our understanding that some of the scariest sounding illnesses are, in fact, part of our body’s instinctive drive to bring about healing and we can convert fear to hope.

Our processes of time travelling to remove the trigger for the cause of the illness enable healing to take place. The cause is gone, you no longer need to have the effect.

It’s not us doing it, we’re just blessed to ‘be there’ when healing happens and you attain the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual standard that you had planned to have now.

Wellbeing is your birthright. Being in alignment with your purpose here, is a step away. As you have, as I said, already done the important things, let’s get together to release the power of healing in your life.

This workshop is suitable for anyone, with an interest in this area. Existing Practitioners more so will find this very useful to add on or enhance the modalities you practice already.

YOU WILL NEED A COPY OF “HEALING; THE HANDBOOK” WITH YOU TO ATTEND THE WORKSHOPS AS THE ENTIRE PROGRAM IS BASED ON USING THE BOOK’S MATERIAL AND BUILDING FROM THAT INTO YOUR OWN HEALING PROCESS. You will need to bring RM80 CASH on the day to purchase the book or select option to pre-purchase when making the booking online.

There is a lot of practical work in this workshop so that everyone attending will be confident that they can use “Healing; the Handbook” and their own innate abilities for self-healing, working with others or teaching. It opens up possibilities in many areas of your life, including abundance, relationships, working with animals, etc.

The workshop, sanctioned by Ken Graydon, will be presented by Tony Ratnam from Perth, Western Australia who himself is an Energy Healing Facilitator & Clinical Hypnotherapist and who in his own practice, uses this book in addition to his existing modalities.

Find more information on Ken Graydon and the Regeneration Healing Handbook at

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Proudly facilitated in conjunction with The 5D Journey, Malaysia.



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  • Regeneration Healing Handbook : AUD25  .. equiv to approx RM81


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