Inner Alignment Meditation



Whether you are looking for peace of mind, balancing the emotions, developing compassion, learning how to heal the body through developing a state of inner peace, relaxation or for spiritual growth, these meditation sessions will allow you to begin to explore a part of you that you may not even know exists.


In addition to being an Energy Healing Facilitator, Tony is a Meditation Facilitator and runs regular Energetic Guided Meditation sessions.

He conducts theme-based guided meditations which are infused with and incorporate the energy frequencies that he carries. Aside from the concept of meditation, the themes also incorporating his skills, experiences in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Life Coaching into a therapeutic-meditative package.

In these meditations, which can include the benefits below, one is immersed within a bath of energy which Tony brings in and which can also incorporate aspects of Light Language where appropriate.


Ongoing long-term benefits ;
• Manage that busy mind to be more grounded
• Be less reactive and focused
• Encourage relaxation, calmness
• De-stress, manage anxiety and develop inner peace
• Overcome mental blocks & limitations
• Open pathway to greater intuition and spiritual awakening


While having a therapeutic impact, the meditation process also trains the mind to come to that place of stillness while at the same time raising consciousness and activating within the person a healing process that can work at a very advanced level.

Our aim is to bring health and wellbeing to all states of our self, such as speeding up the frequencies in the physical body for accelerated healing, balancing the emotions, bringing mental stability and greater concentration and at the highest level, awakening us to our higher faculties such as inner vision, intuition and the ability to trust in the process of life.

Examples of current themes being run ;

• Stillness – Cleansing and Clearing
• Stress & Anxiety
• Alignment to Vision
• Focus on Specific Goals
• Forgiveness
• Inner Child
• Chakra Balancing
• Violet Flame Purification