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Tony Ratnam - Inner Alingment


” You do not need “fixing”, for you are “perfect” within your “imperfections”. All you may require is an awareness, a recognition, a rediscovery of the beauty and power of you within …. and once you achieve that, you will recalibrate, grow and become new and improved versions of yourselves.

Know too, that the journey and the learning never ends.”


~~~ Tony Ratnam ~~~


Hello, my name is Tony Ratnam and I run my own practice Inner Alignment based in Queens Park, Perth, Western Australia.

My offerings as such are of a holistic nature and cater towards the overall wellness & life improvement of the individual – Mind, Body & Spirit, where I facilitate, empowerment, growth and healing at the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual levels.

Wherever you are in your life now  …. whatever your dreams, aspirations, struggles are …. looking at where you are in your journey of life now and the degree of  awareness you have about yourself  ….  factoring the resources you have within you, and considering the limitations and blocks that may be present within you, known or unknown, … My purpose in life is to help you align onto your journey,  for you to ultimately become the best possible version of yourself … and that could entail just some of the following ;

  • For you to understand yourself further, rediscover yourself and your path in life
  • To help you set the stage for you, yourself, to make that change and for your transformation
  • To help you release those blocks, limitations towards experiencing that change
  • For you to develop further, your internal tools to manage old challenges and such that may show up thereafter
  • To help you set the strategy and steps that may need addressing in order to achieve the change that you need
  • For you to be able recognize your own power, to be able to stand within it and to reclaim it
  • For you to be able to be at peace and harmony within your “imperfections” and radiate from within that, finding your own self worth and speaking your truth

My bag of tools are quite diverse in this respect as I incorporate into my therapies, Energy Healing & Alignment, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy and Meditation. Now more and more, people are starting to seek me out for guidance and coaching on aspects of life and personal growth.

I apply a unique holistic approach, where necessary collectively or individually, applying Energy Healing Facilitation, incorporating, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and principles, Time Line Therapy, Mental Coaching and Mindset change while also bringing my life experience and my personal journey of change.


But There’s More …. 

Digressing from the above, being a person of many talents, I am also an active certified Personal Fitness Trainer, taking on clients for one to one and small group fitness sessions. In addition, I am also an “Excel & Spreadsheet Guru” and am available for business solutions customizations, automation and consultations.

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Part Of What We All Go Through

Nearly all if not most of us have been in situations where we are held back or get stuck in a rut and holding pattern filled with stress, emotional turmoil, unwanted behaviours, unhelpful fixations, uncertainties and the list goes on.

There are times when we do get over it, pick up the learnings and move on but often despite our best intentions, find ourselves inadvertently falling back into the same or similar patterns.

Our values, beliefs and in turn our perceived realities depict our representations of the world around us and our interaction with those in it. All of these contributing factors have been embedded deep within our subconscious at various degrees from a very young age through the course of our lives via events, challenges, environment and people we interact with.

While some of these may have served us well up to a point, it is these very factors that can contribute to the undesired state or behaviours we exhibit and which drag us down.

It is also interesting to note the mind-body connection, where a given state of mind can influence  various physiological states, including holding onto pain and excess fat retention.

Inner Alignment based in Queens Park, Perth, Western Australia applies a holistic approach working at the Conscious, Sub-Conscious and Higher Self levels where  a host of such underlying factors may be addressed to unlock the unwanted programming from our past and to create our desired outcomes.

Please do contact me, Tony Ratnam on 0421 6858 66 or email at and I’ll be happy to talk to you further.


Aligning Mind, Body & Spirit

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